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Amnesia Haze: The Amnesia Haze High, A Cerebral Rollercoaster UK 2024

Amnesia Haze

amnesia haze


The Amnesia Haze strain, an illustrious member of the cannabis community, is frequently the subject of interest for both connoisseurs and medical patients. Its genetic lineage, a sophisticated tapestry woven from South Asian and Jamaican strains, imbues it with a complex profile that is both cerebral and invigorating.

With a higher-than-average THC content, this sativa-dominant hybrid has been lauded for its potential therapeutic benefits, particularly in the realms of depression and anxiety alleviation. However, the cultivation of Amnesia Haze presents a series of horticultural challenges, demanding a precise environment to flourish and offer generous yields.

As we examine the intricate balance of its terpene profile and the diverse effects it elicits, one must consider the broader implications it holds for both the casual user and the scientific community.

The narrative of Amnesia Haze is not solely confined to its euphoric highs, but also encompasses a rich history that has shaped its journey from the fertile soils of its ancestors to the shelves of Amsterdam’s famed coffee shops.

The Amnesia Haze strain invites a nuanced discussion that extends beyond its immediate impact, prompting an exploration of its place within the larger cannabis ecosystem and its evolving role in both recreational and therapeutic contexts.

Genetic Lineage

Delving into the genetic lineage of Amnesia Haze reveals a rich tapestry of Haze crossed with an array of landraces including Thai, Hawaiian, and Afghani, a masterful breeding achievement by Soma Seeds that underpins the strain’s robust growth and diverse attributes.

The Haze genetics are pivotal, with their roots anchoring deeply into South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, contributing to a complex profile that is both potent and distinct. It’s this intricate genetic backbone that confers upon Amnesia Haze its remarkable adaptability to different growing conditions and its resilience against common pests, making it a favorite among cultivators.

The breeding acumen of Soma Seeds is evident in the strain’s ability to maintain consistent quality and effects, despite the proliferation of various derivative lines by other breeders. Each of these lines aims to preserve and accentuate the quintessential characteristics of Amnesia Haze, which include its cerebral high and vibrant terpene profile.

The strain’s integrity, however, is at risk due to the circulation of inferior imitations. This underscores the significance of sourcing Amnesia Haze from reputable vendors to ensure the authenticity and preservation of its storied lineage.

THC/CBD Content

Building on the understanding of Amnesia Haze’s rich genetic background, it is essential to examine its cannabinoid profile, characterized by a high THC content of approximately 21% and minimal CBD levels, typically less than 1%. This significant discrepancy between THC and CBD concentrations is a hallmark of the strain’s effect profile, which leans heavily towards the cerebral, euphoric experiences associated with strong sativa.

The high THC content is responsible for the potent and long-lasting effects that Amnesia Haze is known for, including its ability to alleviate symptoms related to stress, fatigue, and depression. However, the low in CBD aspect means that it may not be the optimal choice for those seeking the non-psychoactive, therapeutic benefits that CBD is known for, such as anti-inflammatory or anti-anxiety effects.

The table below provides a snapshot of Amnesia Haze’s cannabinoid content and its associated effects and awards:

THC21%Euphoric, Uplifting
CBD<1%Less emphasized
Composition80% Sativa/20% IndicaSativa-dominant effects
TerpenesHumulene, Limonene, Beta-caryophyllene, MyrceneComplex aroma
Awards2004 Cannabis Cup, 2012 Sativa CupRecognized excellence

Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Amnesia Haze, featuring prominent notes of humulene, limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene, plays a crucial role in shaping the strain’s distinctive citrus, earthy, and peppery aroma while also contributing to its potential therapeutic effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid is celebrated not only for its invigorating cerebral high but also for the complex symphony of terpenes that define its aromatic essence.

Limonene, a terpene associated with bright citrus scents, is reputed for its mood-enhancing and stress-relieving benefits, adding a refreshing undertone to the Amnesia Haze experience. Myrcene, which often carries a fruity and musky aroma, is another core component of this strain’s terpene profile, potentially aiding in the relaxation and calming effects sought after by many users.

Conversely, humulene contributes an earthy and woody scent that complements the strain’s bouquet. Beyond its olfactory impact, humulene is recognized for its possible anti-inflammatory properties and its unique ability to act as an appetite suppressant, diversifying the potential health benefits of Amnesia Haze.

Lastly, beta-caryophyllene imparts a spicy and peppery note that rounds out the profile. This terpene is particularly intriguing due to its potential to relieve pain and reduce anxiety, illustrating the intricate interplay between Amnesia Haze’s diverse terpene profile and its therapeutic possibilities.

Understanding these terpen components allows consumers to select strains that align with their flavor preferences and desired effects, making the analysis of the terpene profile an essential aspect of cannabis connoisseurship.


Amnesia Haze induces a surge of energy that often manifests as increased talkativeness and a tendency to giggle, making it a popular choice for social settings and creative endeavors. This particular strain has gathered acclaim for its vibrant, uplifting effects that inspire activity rather than couchlock. The strong high it provides is a testament to its Sativa Cup-winning genetics, showcasing a cerebral buzz accompanied by a sense of euphoria that can fuel artistic expression.

However, while many users favor Amnesia Haze for its stimulating impact, it is worth noting that it may not be suitable for everyone. Its potency can sometimes lead to feelings of paranoia, especially in those who are prone to anxiety. Consequently, Amnesia Haze is often not recommended for use before bedtime, as its energizing effects can counteract the pursuit of restful sleep.

To give a clearer perspective, consider the following table that encapsulates the emotional journey with Amnesia Haze:

FeelingIntensityTime of Day Best Suited
GigglyVariableAny social occasion
ParanoiaCase-by-caseCaution Advised

Medical Uses

Harnessing its potent Sativa genetics, Amnesia Haze offers promising applications in the realm of medical cannabis, particularly for patients grappling with depression and fatigue. This cannabis strain has been identified as a dynamic ally in the management of mood disorders, with its uplifting effects potentially countering the persistent malaise associated with depressive states. Moreover, its energizing profile makes it a suitable candidate for those seeking to mitigate the debilitating impact of chronic fatigue.

The therapeutic scope of the Amnesia Haze strain extends to individuals coping with symptoms of ADHD. Its ability to enhance focus and stave off distractions can furnish a semblance of cognitive order, often disrupted by this condition. Furthermore, for patients enduring severe pain from chronic medical conditions, higher doses of this strain may unlock analgesic properties, offering a respite from their discomfort.

Informed by its cannabinoid composition, the CBD present in Amnesia Haze is touted for its anti-depressant and anxiolytic effects, which complement the psychoactive component of THC. Together, they synergize to alleviate pain associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. This multifaceted approach underscores the potential of the Amnesia Haze strain as a versatile adjunct in the medical cannabis arsenal.

Flavor and Aroma

Beyond its therapeutic benefits, Amnesia Haze entices the senses with a flavor and aroma profile that is as complex as it is delightful, marked by a smooth and zesty smoke underscored by sweet lemony citrus notes. Cannabis connoisseurs who appreciate a full-bodied taste will find the Amnesia Haze strain particularly satisfying.

The initial flavor is a refreshing burst of sweet citrus, which seamlessly transitions to a subtle, spicy pepper nuance, adding a layer of sophistication to the overall experience. The earthy undertones present in the exhale are indicative of the strain’s close connection to nature and its diverse genetic heritage. These elements combine to create a flavor composition that is both intricate and harmonious, a testament to the careful cultivation and selective breeding that Amnesia Haze has undergone.

Moreover, the sweet citrus aroma of Amnesia Haze is both tantalizing and refreshing, contributing to the strain’s ability to uplift and invigorate the user. This synergy between flavor and aroma not only enhances the smoking experience but also solidifies Amnesia Haze’s status as a perennial favorite in the cannabis community. Its unique blend of flavors and aromas make it a standout strain, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience for both seasoned smokers and newcomers alike.


Captivating the eye with its chunky and dense buds, Amnesia Haze exhibits a vibrant greenish to yellow hue that speaks volumes about its potent genetics and meticulous cultivation. This striking appearance is further enhanced by the dense, well-crystallized flower clusters that are a testament to the strain’s long flowering time and overdrive trichome production. Growers and connoisseurs alike prize Amnesia Haze for these traits, which also make it an excellent candidate for extractions.

Delving deeper into its aesthetic, one can observe the careful balance of form and function in its slow-maturing plants. Amnesia Haze yields approximately 600g/m2 under optimal 600W lighting conditions. These returns are the result of patient cultivation and the strain’s vigorous growth, particularly in the lower branches that contribute to its high yield.

A closer analysis reveals that the extended flowering phase of 12-14 weeks outdoors and up to 12 weeks indoors demands a grower’s patience, but the reward is the emergence of buds that are compact, crystallized, and teeming with potency. Amnesia Haze’s adaptability to different growing environments ensures that, despite the long wait, the final product is both visually and qualitatively superior, embodying the essence of what it means to be a top-tier cannabis strain.

Grow Information

While the aesthetic virtues of Amnesia Haze are undeniably impressive, the strain’s cultivation process is equally deserving of attention, requiring both knowledge and dedication to produce its high-quality yields. Amnesia Haze thrives under specific growing conditions, demanding a warm climate with long days, reminiscent of environments closer to the equator. Its need for top-quality, fully organic soil and consistent watering cannot be overstated.

For cultivators, a full season from seed can result in monstrously large plants. However, growers must be wary of the considerable stretching that occurs indoors, which calls for experienced hands to manage. The flowering time for Amnesia Haze is notably protracted, taking an extensive 12-14 weeks to fully mature outdoors. Indoors, the buds can take up to 12 weeks or occasionally longer to reach full maturity. During this period, trichome production kicks into overdrive, yielding resin that is sticky, aromatic, and highly sought after for the production of hashes and other cannabis concentrates.

Despite being slow to mature, under optimal conditions and 600W lights, Amnesia Haze can yield around 600g/m². However, growers must exercise patience, particularly during the flowering phase, which is crucial to the development of this strain’s potent characteristics. When temperatures are controlled within the ideal range, typically around 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit, Amnesia Haze rewards cultivators with abundant and potent harvests.

Adverse Effects

Despite its many positive attributes, Amnesia Haze is not without its adverse effects. Dry mouth, commonly reported by users, is one such effect. As a potent strain known for its uplifting and energizing properties, enthusiasts should be aware of the potential negative reactions that may accompany its use. The occurrence of dry mouth, also known as cottonmouth, necessitates a prepared approach where hydration is emphasized before, during, and after consumption to mitigate discomfort.

Beyond the inconvenience of dry mouth, Amnesia Haze may also induce dry eyes, another frequent minor irritant. However, this can be easily addressed with over-the-counter eye drops. More significant adverse effects, such as paranoia and anxiety, require a more nuanced understanding. These psychological effects are particularly pertinent for individuals with a predisposition to anxiety disorders. New or sensitive users should approach Amnesia Haze with caution, starting with a low dose to assess tolerance.

Furthermore, dizziness can manifest as a temporary yet disconcerting effect, underscoring the necessity for a safe, controlled environment when partaking. While these adverse effects are not universal, they serve as a reminder for users to consume Amnesia Haze responsibly and with awareness of their own sensitivity to cannabis strains.

Comparisons with Similar Strains

Boasting a higher THC content than many of its counterparts, Amnesia Haze sets itself apart with a robust cerebral high that is both euphoric and energizing, making it a standout strain in comparisons with similar varieties. This celebrated strain can trace its genetics to South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, which not only contribute to its signature potency but also its unique flavor and aroma profile. The complex lineage differentiates it from others, ensuring a special place in the hearts of connoisseurs.

Unlike some of its peers, Amnesia Haze is renowned for instigating a talkative and energizing buzz, rather than inducing lethargy or excessive relaxation. This makes it particularly suitable for social gatherings or as a catalyst for creative endeavors. Furthermore, its intense lemon and citrus flavors eclipse the more subdued notes found in other strains, providing a zesty and memorable experience for users seeking a rich taste.

Growers, too, find Amnesia Haze to be a rewarding challenge. Its flowering phase may be slower than some, but the patience is rewarded with dense, well-crystallized flower clusters. The high trichome production and resin-rich buds are coveted for their quality, a testament to the strain’s victory at the prestigious Cannabis Cup, where excellence is recognized and celebrated.

Research and Studies

Emerging scientific investigations into Amnesia Haze have confirmed its high THC levels, underscoring the strain’s popularity among those in search of an intense psychoactive experience. This potency is not only a hallmark of its recreational appeal but also points to a genetic lineage tracing back to South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains. This diverse ancestry contributes to Amnesia Haze’s complex profile of effects and flavors, which has captured the attention of both connoisseurs and the scientific community.

Further studies have explored Amnesia Haze for its potential therapeutic applications, particularly its possible benefits for depression and anxiety. The promise of such medical utility fuels ongoing research into cannabis-based treatments and reinforces the strain’s significance beyond its immediate euphoric effects. Additionally, Amnesia Haze’s robust trichome production has made it a darling in the realm of cannabis concentrates, where potency and purity are paramount.

However, as with any strain enjoying such renown, consumers are advised to exercise due diligence. Authenticity and quality can vary markedly, a reminder of the importance of provenance, especially for a strain with the pedigree to have won accolades such as the Cannabis Cup. Thus, Amnesia Haze stands as a focal point for both scientific study and consumer education.

History and Origin

Tracing its lineage back to the bustling coffee shops of Amsterdam, Amnesia Haze has cemented its status as one of the most celebrated Haze varieties, with its origins shrouded in the mystique of the Netherlands’ innovative cannabis breeding culture.

The strain’s conception is a tale of genetic mastery, bringing together the vibrant profiles of South Asian and Jamaican sativa with the robust characteristics of Afghan Hawaiian genetics. The result? A potent, high-THC powerhouse renowned for its energizing and euphoric effects.

Amnesia Haze’s ascent to fame was marked by its seductive aroma, characterized by invigorating citrus notes, and its impressive cultivation traits, like rapid growth and high yields. The accolades soon followed, with the strain taking center stage at the Cannabis Cup, where it was lauded for its exceptional qualities. This recognition further solidified Amnesia Haze as a staple in High Times magazine’s pantheon of the top 25 cannabis varieties of all time.

The modern iterations of Amnesia Haze boast a reduced flowering time, a nod to the evolving demands of growers and consumers alike. However, the core mission remains: preserving the distinguished genetics of this iconic strain for posterity, ensuring that the legacy of Amnesia Haze continues to thrive in the global cannabis narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Is Amnesia Haze a Sativa or Indica?

When considering strain genetics, sativa-dominant hybrids often present unique growing tips due to their characteristics. In this context, the sativa prevalence is clear, with a noteworthy sativa-to-indica ratio of 80:20.

– How Potent Is Amnesia Haze?

The potency of a cannabis variant depends on its genetic lineage and growing conditions, which significantly influence the concentration of active compounds, resulting in varying degrees of strength and effects in users.

– Why Is Amnesia Haze so Popular?

The popularity of certain memory boosters can often be attributed to their perceived effectiveness and cultural phenomenon status, leading to widespread recognition and use among individuals seeking cognitive enhancement and social connectivity.

– What Level of CBD Is in Amnesia Haze?

The CBD level in this cultivar is notably low, typically under 1%. Its terpene profile and growing conditions contribute to its characteristics, emphasizing psychoactive properties over cannabidiol-related therapeutic effects.

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